True or false: developing a structured writing process kills creativity

False.  At least, in my case.  Then again, I’ve been told that I tend to be a weeeeee bit  anal-retentive (I prefer to call it  “detail-oriented” or  “über organized”).

Let me explain my writing process (for books, that is) and then you be the judge.

Next week, heatherfromthegrove will talk about why outlines are so important.  Again, it’s all subjective.

There are those (and you know who you are!) who simply prefer to write a book, using the unstructured,  stream-of-consciousness approach.

Hey, whatever works best for you.  Me? I’m a structured type of person. That’s simply how I roll.  Creativity is not impacted – either way. You’re either creative or you’re not.  The process (or lack thereof) that helps you create your book is entirely up to you.

Happy writing!



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