Freedom and Individualism Revisted

I’m re-posting this blog in honour of my brother.


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I am reposting this blog because it seems to have struck a chord with people from across the globe − with thousands of views.

In the first sentence (below), I mentioned that three uniquely brilliant people came into my life in the mid-1970s.  What I did not say then was how they came into my life.  Many of us have someone in our lives who we look up to and who holds an extra special place in our hearts.  A mentor,  a teacher, or  a family member. In my case, it was all three rolled into one — my brother.  Six years my senior, he took me under his wing many, many times.  He introduced me to jazz music, specifically Thelonious Monk and I still have the tapes he gave me (back in the day when we listened to tape cassettes!) well over three decades ago.  Then he gave me two book recommendations for my “must read” list:  The…

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