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“When I sit down to write a book, I do not say to myself , ‘ I am going to produce a work of art.’ I write it because there is some lie that I want to expose, some fact to which I want to draw attention, and my initial concern is to get a hearing.”

― George Orwell

Book:  Casualties of the (Recession) Depression



Genre: Non-fiction
Commentary, Economics, Economic Condition, Politics
Economic crisis in middle-class America. Real people. Real stories. Real issues. Complete with commentary, historical/comparative economic analysis and statistics, helpful resources, and philanthropic programs.

Availability: Paperback edition is available through online book distributors, such as Amazon.

Description: A series of vignettes depicting the many faces of the Recession (really a 21st century depression).  These are the firsthand account stories of real people. Their names have been replaced by the generic “he” – “she” – “they” … both to protect their privacy and also to bring home the point that it could happen to anyone, including you or me. In the context of this book, the objective was to record real, and sometimes raw, moments experienced by people who have been adversely affected by this long economic downturn.  By capturing these brief episodes and providing a written backdrop for each year – in the form of an economic and political commentary– the reader can see the transformation and progression of this (Recession) Depression from its conception to its continued existence in the present day.

Although Casualties of the (Recession) Depression is about middle-class America, the experiences narrated in this book, along with the issue of recession, hunger, joblessness, homelessness… are experiences and issues that have no geographic boundaries.  They are global. Especially in today’s world economy.

Casualties of the (Recession) Depression is not an economic treatise or a doctoral dissertation. It is a very evocative, mince-no-words commentary that simply seeks to highlight the human condition as relates to the economic crisis that, like a bad cough, has proven difficult to shake off.


****Poignant narrative

“Casualties of the (Recession) Depression by Heather Joan Marinos is a remarkable juxtaposition of historical and economic analysis and poignant narrative. Marinos echoes what many renowned economists have been saying regarding the recent financial crisis, that it is not over and that the so-called recovery has not benefited the majority, but she does so by recounting heart-wrenching stories of the people most affected by persistent joblessness and lack of opportunity. Interestingly, it is not the very poor who feature most prominently, but the middle class, who began “a juggling act” at the outset of the crisis and have been juggling ever since. Despite the discomfiting nature of many of the vignettes, Marinos still manages to communicate hope in the future. More Ehrenreich than Krugman, Casualties of the (Recession) Depression is a welcome addition to a growing body of work that highlights the troubling economic predicament of average Americans.”

*****A must-read!

“Completely agree with the review by kab0506. I managed to finish the book in a couple of hours and the best way to describe it is in the author’s own words as “heart-wrenching” but none the less inspiring.

I do hope that a copy of this book gets in the hands of people who can change things and make a difference in the right direction.

5 stars from me too !”

*****Emotional, Raw – Could Not Put This Book Down!

“The title of this book captivated me. Very few people are willing to admit that the economic situation in the USA and elsewhere is not just a recession, but in fact, a depression. The vignettes in Casualties of the (Recession) Depression were short but very powerful and emotional. I cried, and because of the author’s ability to show what is really happening during these dark economic times, I continue to feel the utmost compassion for what many of us believe is the rapidly dying middle class of America.

This book is not for everyone – no, I believe some people won’t get it – the subtlety of the lessons one could glean from the book won’t be apparent to those who believe there is nothing wrong with the status quo. Many people place their faith in banks, corporations, etc., and think nothing of extending their credit and carrying huge amounts of debts. After all, if our governments are in debt and get away with it, why can’t we?

Casualties of the (Recession) Depression is a book that did for me exactly what I think the author wanted to accomplish, and that is to get the reader to think. With me, she succeeded, and for that reason alone, I give her 5 stars!”

****a really unique way to look at a tough subject

“This is a small book but it’s got big impact. I found the mix of vignette and informative background to be quite unique. The combination really puts the economic issue into context. Can’t wait to see the next work from this new writer.”



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