Non-fiction in Progress


Book: Anatomy of Hunger
Projected Release Date:  
Genre: Non-fiction
Categories: Social Sciences, Hunger, Poverty, Politics, History, Economics and Philosophy
Topic: Hunger in America

Book: Demokratia in Action
Projected Release Date: 
Categories: Politics, History, Economics and Philosophy
Topic: The new faces of the global recession, with a focus on Europe − more specifically, Greece. The role of democracy and political engagement in present-day Greece.

Series: Baby Boomer Series™
Number of Volumes:  4
Projected Release Date:  TBD
Genre: Non-fiction
Categories: Gerontology Social Sciences, Caregiving, Aging, Family Relationships

Topic: A series of books to help other Baby Boomers  manage every aspect of elderly care — including how to cope with   grief, guilt, and family dysfunction.

  • Volume 1: When the Child Becomes the Parent
  • Volume 2: Honor the Elderly in Life, in Sickness and in Death
  • Volume 3: Surviving That Undertow Called Grief
  • Volume 4: Beyond the Olive Branch (Coping with Family Conflict in the Aftermath of Death)



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