I have ghostwritten several non-fiction books…  and a plethora of writing projects, including abstracts, proposals, articles, white papers, essays, reports, reviews, short stories, speeches, scripts, and web content.

Whether the project is large (300+ pages) or small (500 words), my writing process is the same: I research the project, plan the content, write it, and then edit it.  For books and eBooks, I divide the process into phases* (below):

  • Phase One:      Research and Content Planning
  • Phase Two:      Writing
  • Phase Three:    Editing
  • (Optional) Phase Four:  Design/formatting
  • (Optional) Phase Five:   Publishing Consulting

* the phases may vary, depending on the specific client/project requirements

So, why would you need a book?

If you are a professional, having a book in your own name will help to establish and/or reinforce your credibility and expertise.  It will also serve as a great tool to help grow your network and  build your business.

If you have a story to tell and want someone to ghostwrite it for you, or a writing project that you need to get done, please contact me to discuss further — using the form below.

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