The time is NOW!

Time is relative.

When we’re young,  time seems to pass ever so slo-o-o-o-owly.  Remember back to when you were 12, impatiently waiting to turn 13, and then aching to be 16, 18, and – the most desirable age of all – 21.  It seemed to take forever.  If we only knew then, what we know now!

What we know now is that, as we age, time flies by so quickly – too quickly.  Or so it seems.

Personally, I used to believe that I peaked in my 30’s – and that it would inevitably be downhill from there.  What a deluded fool I was!  There is something to be said about the fabulous 50’s.  And the wisdom – which comes from half a century’s worth of  experience and hard lessons, well learned.

This is what I know for sure:

  1. Make Time your friend, not your enemy.  Embrace it. Savor it. Use it well.
  2. The passage of Time does not necessarily heal all wounds. But, it does help you deal  with your wounds.
  3. Time gives you the ability to see things from a more enlightened perspective.
  4. Time will only treat you well if you treat yourself well.
  5. Time teaches you patience  – with yourself and with others.
  6. Time makes you appreciate the past and not take the present for granted.
  7. Time is absolute.  There is always a beginning and an end.
  8. Time will not stand still while you deliberate about when to write your opus. Do it now.

So,  follow your dream, your bliss – whatever it may be.  Be confident (but not egotistical), be motivated (but not frantic or hyperactive), and  – most importantly – maintain balance in your life (things often go awry when  there is no equilibrium).


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7 thoughts on “The time is NOW!

  1. Heather, my dear, I must disagree on two points. I don’t agree time has a beginning or an end. We are just floating along on its infinite journey. Second, time has made me more patient, (ie with my kids) but has given me less patience — for foolishness and stupidity, that is. Lovely blog, tho, as always.

    • Ahhh, again, it’s all relative, La Carro.
      In the world of h.f.t.g., by believing that time has a beginning and an end, I then hold myself accountable for what I do during that time. In other words, if I believed that I had infinite time, I would put things off for a later, less finite date.
      On the subject of patience, yes … I concur, to a certain degree. I, too, do not suffer fools or cretins gladly, however I don’t let them bother me too much anymore because, to quote a great man, “they know not what they do.”
      Keep those comments coming…they are much appreciated!
      Cheers, La Heather

  2. Heather, time flies by in my life but I think it’s mostly because of my schedule and how much I try to do in a day. So what I do sometimes is this: whatever I don’t have time to do when I’m awake, I dream about it’s completion at night. It may be just a coincidence, but if I do that, things have a way of working out, and everything gets done eventually.

    Speaking about time flying by – it’s already October and before you know it, it will be time to get ready for the Christmas season. We’ve just had a nice Indian summer, and the thought of Christmas and winter activities doesn’t exactly thrill me. This is my favorite time of year. I wish September and October would last a lot longer. For once I wish time would just stand still.

  3. Nice post, Heather. I have a few years on you – actually, quite a few – and it just keeps getting better. My favorite saying these days (and I think it may be original): I love my life. Just wish I’d started it sooner.

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