heatherfromthegrove book pick for Sunday reading: “Dogs Never Lie About Love” by Jeffrey Masson

In the world according to heatherfromthegrove, Sunday is that gloriously quiet day of reflection when we put everything aside and simply curl up in a favorite chair and read a good book. Usually, Bacchus (my grey-bearded black Lab) and Puss (my temperamental-yet-extremely-affectionate black Maine Coon cat) snuggle and snooze beside me, as I enjoy the words and thoughts of another kindred spirit  (likeminded writer).

Each Sunday my blog will spotlight a writer whose personal story and  “pièce de résistance”  has caught my fancy.

Let’s start with the controversial psychoanalyst and bestselling author, Jeffrey Masson. Residing with his family in the Lord of the Rings mecca, New Zealand, Jeff has published a series of books that are highly critical of Freud, psychiatry, and psychotherapy/analysis.

“Dedicated to the emotional lives of animals, vegetarianism, veganism (the ethics of food), animal rights, and human-animal interactions”,  he has written a spectrum of books on animals –analyzing their emotions and the lessons that we humans could (and should)  learn from these divine creatures (note by heatherfromthegrove: by “divine” – I mean “of God”  – because it is my personal belief that animals are spiritual beings).

Today, I am reading Jeff’s book, Dogs Never Lie About Love.  The book is both thoughtful and insightful. Do check this author out. I certainly will be reading more of his work!

Have a great Sunday!

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