heatherfromthegrove’s poetry spotlight for today: “Desertion” by Rupert Brooke


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by Rupert Brooke


Rupert Brooke  born on August 3, 1887 in England –  extremely handsome English poet famous for his neo-Romantic poems, most notably his war sonnets (the most famous one was “The Soldier”) written during World War One.  The idealistic nature of his poetry was likely a function of his youth. The well-traveled Cambridge graduate, commissioned into the Royal Naval Division, set sail for the Dardanelles in February 1915 – where he contracted septicaemia from a mosquito bite and died a month later (April 23), aboard a hospital ship off the Greek Island of Skyros. He lays buried beneath an olive grove on the Aegean island. He was only twenty-seven when he died.

Desertion I could not find any learned analysis of this poem.  The graceful lyricism of this poem, along with the theme of desertion, betrayal and fractured friendship/relationship, drew me in. The treachery of a friend or loved one who succumbs to gossip, rather than staying faithful to the friendship/relationship – written in such a beautifully, melodic manner  – resonated deeply with me, so much so that I chose to share this poem with you.

Poem via poemhunter.com.

Image via stylelemon.com, Photo credit: Julie de Waroquier.

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