heatherfromthegrove’s poetry spotlight for today: “Alone” by Edgar Allan Poe






by Edgar Allan Poe

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Edgar Allan Poe – born on January 19, 1809 in Boston, Massachusetts – was an American short-story writer, poet, critic, and editor.  Renowned for his tales of mystery and horror, he was dubbed  as “Father of the Detective Story.”  He married his cousin, Virginia, in 1836. She became his literary muse.  Her death in 1847 caused the grief-stricken Poe to begin a downward spiral into financial ruin and poor health. He died on October 7, 1849, in a Baltimore (Maryland) hospital. The exact cause of his death remains a mystery. Although a very troubled and haunted man, Poe’s brilliant imagination has left a compelling legacy in the literary world.  His poems and tales still have the power to shock and to move his readers.   

Alone originally written in 1829, when the author was only 20 years old, the 22-line poem was only published and titled posthumously.  Written at the time of his foster mother’s (Frances Allan) death, the poem reflects the haunting sense of isolation that he felt throughout his childhood.  

Poem via poemhunter.com

Image via faithfulhomeschool.com.

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