Jazzing it up


“I live on an island and listen to jazz all day long. The sun is always shining, but you can still see the stars. The breeze sings astonishingly like Ella and the wind rumbles in a Louis way. My friends and I dance under magic skies.”
―  Author Unknown

Listening to some Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong or Miles Davis while sipping a glass of crisp, dry white wine and gazing out at the ocean is – for me – pure summer magic. One of the reasons I love summertime is because I associate it with the sound of jazz.  In most cities and towns, musicians gather together and jam outdoors –  usually at local cafés, bistros and bars. Whether it’s a lone sax player, a jazz quartet, or a singer belting out some husky vocals – I just drink it all in.  It feeds something in my soul. I can’t explain it and probably shouldn’t even try.

Across the globe (in the northern hemisphere), it is the high season for jazz festivals, where you can listen to jazz in the afternoon or under the summer evening stars. Below is a list of some of the poopular festivals. It is by no means an exhaustive list, so please check your local newspapers (or online) for jazz events in your area.

Enjoy the jazz experience.





Image via online-jazz.net.

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