Bamboo rising

Since my earlier blog post, The spirit of bamboo, the stalk (see my photo, above) has grown about ten more feet into the sky and is now sprouting bamboo leaves!  It is now approximately 20 feet above the roof line and continues to grow.  We are in awe. 

What’s equally stunning is the late night view, when the Belt of Orion (a constellation of three bright, evenly spaced stars — lined up in a vertical row) seems to be positioned (each night) to the right of the upper part of our bamboo stalk.  Unfortunately, my camera is not good enough to capture this beauteous nighttime wonder, but this photo (see photo, left) will show you what the constellation looks like at night (just imagine the bamboo stalk to the left of the Belt).

We have a grove of bamboo trees, but this one stalk simply keeps growing and growing.  So, I decided to do some research on the divine and symbolic attributes of bamboo.

And that is when I came upon The 7 Life Lessons from Bamboo by Sompong Yusoontorn:

These are very wise and true words, indeed. 

For the moment, however, let’s cast symbolism and meaning aside — instead, simply savour the beauty of this bamboo.  And without fail, each night, the trio of stars keep reappearing — twinkling brightly  alongside this statuesque stalk.  And again, and again, we are in awe.