heatherfromthegrove’s Seven New Year’s Revelations Wrap-up… and on to new beginnings

As I say each year, on this day, the 8th of January:

 “For those of you who have been following, reading and enjoying each of my seven New Year revelations …. Thank You.

I would like to point out that they are not New Year Resolutions. I don’t make New Year Resolutions anymore. They are my own personal revelations. Epiphanies. Discoveries. In the past decade, I’ve faced some daunting challenges and heart-wrenching events. I’d like to think that I’ve handled them with dignity, compassion, grace, and humor. Always humor. It helps take the edge off.

So, the lessons that these “life tests” have taught me are my “revelations.” As I move forward with my life, I will use them as my guide. Wisdom has to be earned. For me, it’s an ongoing journey, as I’m sure it is for all of you, as well.”

Here’s a synopsis (the numbers have a hyperlink back to each revelation post):

New Year’s Revelation No. 1 Today is Tomorrow

New Year’s Revelation No. 2Humility is attractive, and Arrogance… not so much

New Year’s Revelation No. 3 Stand by what you say and what you do

New Year’s Revelation No. 4 Be comfortable in your own skin

New Year’s Revelation No. 5:  Freedom from Fear

New Year’s Revelation No. 6:  Respect Human Dignity… through Kindness

New Year’s Revelation No. 7:  Love Thy Neighbor, it’s that simple

And on it goes.

I’m looking forward to whatever 2014 has in store for me.  

I wish you all a blessed, healthy and happy  2014 and may your own personal journey bring you deep fulfillment and wisdom… and loads of wonderful opportunity and adventures!



New Year’s Revelation No. 2 of 7: Humility is attractive, and Arrogance… not so much


“Be careful not to mistake insecurity and inadequacy for humility! Humility has nothing to do with the insecure and inadequate! Just like arrogance has nothing to do with greatness!” 
― C. JoyBell C.


The very humble among us do not advertise that they are humble.  Their innate humility precludes them from doing so.  All too often, humility is mistaken for low self-esteem.  People who are, by nature, humble… possess the instinctive wisdom to recognize that they are but a small microcosm  of a very big world. They go about their lives, quietly doing their part to contribute to this planet, to make a difference. The thing is, they are not in the least interested in receiving praise  or accolades for their efforts and accomplishments. Theirs is a quiet power ― filled with purpose, not vanity or ego.  Theirs is a simple creed: Observe. Listen. Above all, learn.

As history will attest, these are the people who don’t aspire to greatness. Many of them simply are. Aside from the obvious biblical reference, one figure immediately comes to mind:  Mahatma Gandhi.

By contrast, the arrogant who strut among us believe that the sun rises and sets on their very existence. They want to be heard, but don’t care to listen. They do not seek more knowledge because they believe they know it all. They have all the answers. Their own hubris makes them deaf and blind.  

As history will attest, these are the people who are felled by their own arrogance. And when they fall, they fall hard. There are many historical figures and world leaders who come to mind, more recently: Richard Nixon.

Yes, there are those who are, by nature, humble. Then there are others who have learned how to be humble, through hard lessons and life experiences. 

Personally, I fall into the latter category – learned humility. That said, I am ashamed to admit that I have had my share of arrogant moments, in the course of my life.  It’s a work in progress. 

I guess we are all a Work in Progress…



“I claim to be a simple individual liable to err like any other fellow mortal. I own, however, that I have humility enough to confess my errors and to retrace my steps.” 

― Mahatma Gandhi (born: 1869-10-02 died: 1948-01-30 at age: 78)