It’s a New Day in Vatican City


It’s a new day in Vatican City.

He doesn’t wear elaborate attire or red leather loafers, but prefers the simplicity of a black cassock.

He forgoes the luxury and safety of the bullet-proof Mercedes-Benz for the normalcy of the public transit system.

He favors frugality and simplicity over lavishness and ostentation.

He is inclusive, not exclusive.

He is warm and embracing, not reserved or standoff-ish.


Already, he has changed history.

He is the first Jesuit to become Pope.

He is the first Pope to hail from the Southern Hemisphere (Buenos Aires, Argentina).

He is the first Pope to choose the name “Francis.”


Yes, he is conservative.   However, unlike some of his conservative predecessors, he is humble and approachable.

If anyone can bring the Papacy back to the people (where it really needs to be), Pope Francis I  will be the one to do it.

As a Roman Catholic myself, I am proud to call him my Pope.




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