Giving thanks and praise


As long as we are able to breathe, think, and feel … there is hope.  In this, the holy season of  love and kindness, most of us experience a heightened awareness of how truly precious our family and friends are to us.  It’s not that we take them for granted throughout the rest of the year.  But, in the spirit of the season, we stop and take pause … and give thanks.

In 2012, a lot of very dear people in my life have navigated their way through a turbulent year — scary surgical procedures, illnesses,  financial hardship, death (of a family member or friend), divorce, and recurring cancer of one type or another.  All of them — despite some daunting challenges — have managed to reach the end of the year with their sanity (and life) still intact.  We humans are a remarkably resilient race!

To them — and to you, dear readers —  I raise my festive glass of mulled wine in celebration of their (and your) strength and grace.  Santé! 

ABOVE THE CLOUDS  (by W. Taylor Hammond)

Above the clouds the sun is ever shining

While sunbeams vie to make the heavens glow

The eagle soars aloft on wings reclining,

While tempest rages violently below.


She knows her place of rest above the thunder

For eagles wings are taught of God to rise

Above the clouds to feel the glorious wonder

Of everlasting calm amid the skies.


So may it be with you in sorrow

As storms of grief and trial weave their shrouds

There is a place of refuge for the morrow—-

You’ll find it if you rise above the clouds


Above the clouds—-I mean of earth’s repining—

The child of faith may rise on eagle’s wings

To find the Sun of Righteousness e’er shining

And peace transcending all these earthly things.



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2 thoughts on “Giving thanks and praise

    • Thanks, Jane … and to you, as well! Finished my book, Casualties of the Recession Depression (strikethrough on the word “Recession” … WordPress doesn’t let me do strikethroughs in the comments section…arghhh!). Now, it’s going through the editing process. Looking to launch in February. I’m so tired, I’m hoping that I won’t fall asleep on the cornish hens on Christmas Day! 🙂

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