This past week, I worked  14-hour days  – to complete a book draft for a very unique client of mine.  Down to the crunch …  and  with very little sleep. When I did sleep, I dreamt of leopards … leopard spots, leopards grazing, leopards roaring, leopards everywhere. You’re probably wondering, “what’s the deal with the leopards?”  What can I say?  I like cats. They’re independent, somewhat eccentric, and always finicky.

I am exhilarated that this phase in the project is over.  But now, time to get some zzzzzzzzzzz’s.  “To sleep, perchance to dream…”

Images via itsasunnymoment.blogspot.com and pondstonecommunications.wordpress.com.

4 thoughts on “Exhilaration

    • Thanks, David! Actually, there are two more phases to go, I’ve divided the project onto 4 phases, but phase 2 (the one I just completed) was the longest and most labor-intensive of all. Today, I am taking the time to enjoy some gardening.
      As for the leopards … Im dreaming of them because there are leopard references throughout the book.
      I’ll explain one day…

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