Crossing over …. to the writer zombie zone

I’m working on  a unique book project for a client in the Managed Print Services industry.  The book is replete with leopard undertones (you’ll have to read it to find out why) and the deadline for the first draft is looming closer.  November 9th…9th…9th….(the echo is getting louder in my head, or maybe I have a bad case of tinnitus).  In any event, I’ve officially entered into what I refer to as the writer zombie zone.  And it’s Halloween. Coincidence? I think not. 

The countdown has begun, and the midnight oil is burning. If or when I manage to sleep for a few hours or so, I’ll probably have psychedelic dreams of leopard spots.  And very revealing leopard outfits (don’t ask).

Oddly enough, I enjoy the pressure.  It fuels me. 

What is less than thrilling is having to stare at a computer screen for hours and hours on end. Especially when my eyes start to play tricks on me. And when the lights keep flickering on and off, due to the incessant thunderstorm activity here in South Florida (it’s still hurricane season).

So, to all the zombie writers out there, I commiserate. 

Hark! IT is beckoning to me….. gotta get back to the zone.

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